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The  Shine Workout! 

What is the SHiNE™ workout? 

At SHiNE Dance Fitness Ann Arbor, we offer FIVE different SHiNE class formats! Give your workout the versatility it needs and learn about each format below.

SHiNE is a 55-minute dance cardio interval workout. We start class with our signature SHiNE warm-up and then increase intensity as the class progresses. *Modifications are ALWAYS demonstrated for every routine we offer. Our instructors also love to incorporate routines that bring out different emotions and movement. For example, one song might make our students feel graceful while the next will make them feel fierce. On top of that, one session leaves our students burning up to 700 calories! No dance experience necessary…come as you are! SHiNE is for everyone.


SHiNE LIGHT uses all the same routines you find in SHiNE, but we reduce impact, increase stability and modify the moves to meet your needs. And if you still want the high-impact workout, know that the high-impact options will still be demonstrated for you. This is YOUR time to SHiNE, however you like!


SHiNE Express is a 35-45 minute (“express”) session. In Michelle's words, we structure our express classes in a way that the intensity matches that of a one-hour set. These classes are shorter but just as effective. Save those extra minutes for your commute or daily task list. Get your workout in and enjoy your day!


UPLIFT is a full body strength training workout. Your class starts with a cardio warm-up and transitions to standing routines with equipment, alternating between upper and lower body. A balance track is included after you’ve fatigued your muscles and before transitioning to the mat. We complete the workout with routines for the core, booty, abs, and chest and a cool down with deep stretching. This UPLIFTING experience leaves you feeling strong and confident.


FUSION: SHiNE + UPLIFT is “the best of both worlds,” a combination of SHiNE dance cardio and UPLIFT strength training. Lift your weights, set them aside, and get your cardio burst! This unmatched duo will leave you feeling like you can do anything…and you can!

The SHiNE dance floor is open to EVERY BODY.


This is YOUR workout. Your recess. Your time to SHiNE.

"I wanted to bring back the traditional dance I took in my youth, and combine it with the best dance music out there."

Kendall, SDF Founder

You'll love to SHiNE if you...

  • are a fitness junkie looking to add a fun new program to your workout regimen.

  • are a new mom who wants to get her sexy back.

  • love dance fitness in general, but are looking for a change.

  • miss the glory days of the dance team.

  • are a stressed out business executive that needs an outlet.

  • just moved to town and want to make new friends.

  • are looking for a judgement-free community.

  • always wanted to take a dance class but never had the chance.

  • are going through a painful time and need a positive, safe space.

Dance fitness class-Shine-Ann Arbor-Women workout class-women supporting women
Dance fitness class-Shine-Ann Arbor-Women workout class-women supporting women
Our Mission
Shine Dance Fitness CEO

Like many of you, I grew up taking dance classes such as Jazz, Ballet, and Tap but when I graduated from High School and went off to college I stopped dancing… except for the occasional girls night out. I got married the week after graduating from college and then ‘real’ life happened; jobs, kids, running a household, staying spiritually connected, trying to stay fit, being a good friend, sister, daughter, wife and mother. While I took pride in these responsibilities and they gave me joy, I was losing the carefree spirit that I used to have prior to adulting.

In June of 2008, my mother took my sister and I to a magical place called Rancho La Puerta in Mexico. It is a wellness spa where you have unlimited types of fitness classes to choose from. I was not a fan of traditional working out so I immediately gravitated to the dance classes and was overwhelmed with emotions that had been buried for years. My passion for dance was awakened and stronger than ever before. I felt the young girl from years past surfacing and with that came confidence, joy, and freedom. This is when I told myself that I needed to make dance a part of my life, but more importantly I wanted to share my experience with other women so they too could receive the gifts of dance.

Upon returning home (2009), I started to craft my own class. I wanted to bring back the traditional dance I took in my youth and combine it with the best dance music out there. I wanted to create routines that made my students feel strong, confident, and inspired but also challenged so they could get a killer workout. I spent the first 6 years perfecting and growing the class and then in 2015 I made the choice to turn my local class/hobby into an actual business. This is when we formalized the name to SHINE DANCE FITNESS. That same year we launched our online classes and in 2016 we hosted our first LIVE instructor training. Today we continue to offer classes to individuals around the world as well as passionate instructors who have started their own SHINE TRIBE in their community. My greatest reward on this journey has been to hear my students and or instructors tell me about the positive impact or transformation that SHINE has made on them. It is when I hear these stories I am reassured I am living out my purpose.  See you on the dance floor!

- Kendall


We want to see you SHiNE!

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