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Meet Our Team!


Michelle Winters

Michelle started dancing in Illinois when she was just four years old and, as a child, she fell in love with the freedom and empowerment that she found on the dance floor. She continued dancing into her twenties and beyond with jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, and even ballroom dancing with her husband, Jeff. In 2015, Michelle certified to teach another fitness program, but she was still searching for the kind of dance that she loved as a kid. When she discovered SHiNE Dance Fitness, she knew this was the program that she wanted to teach, but more importantly, she knew this was the program that she wanted to share with others. She certified to teach SHiNE in 2019 and never looked back!

*In addition to bringing SHiNE Dance Fitness to Ann Arbor, Michelle is also bringing SHiNE and SHiNE Light (a new SHiNE format) to the broader A2 community through the AAPS Rec and Ed Program in 2024.


As the SHiNE Tribe in Ann Arbor has grown, she has seen first-hand the effects of these classes on her customers. Of all the benefits dancing brings to her life, this has been the most rewarding.


When not teaching dance fitness, Michelle is a passionate community activist, though she can most often be found in her vegetable garden, traveling with her husband, or on the deck doing the New York Times crossword pen.

Her favorite SHiNE routine is Freak 54 by Pitbull & NileRoger.

Lisa Petroff


Lisa grew up near Flint, Michigan and enjoyed many forms of movement including dance. She did not take formalized dance training until she was 45 years old. "It's never too late!" She started with Ballroom dancing and branched out into other forms of partner dance including Latin, Swing, Fusion, and Blues. 


Lisa also works as an Occupational Therapist, Personal Trainer and Health Coach. Her purpose and passion in life is to help people move more and have fun doing it! When she discovered SHiNE Dance Fitness Ann Arbor, she felt the program and community encompassed all the elements she was looking for in a fitness program. The choreo was fun, the music was good, and the people were supportive and welcoming. She liked it so much she decided to become a Shine Certified Instructor in 2023 and spread the joy! 


When not teaching, Lisa enjoys spending time with family and friends, camping, hiking, reading, and traveling.


Her favorite SHiNE routine is My Type by Saweetie.

Nan Bauer


Nan's first ballet class happened in eighth grade in San Jose, CA—and she hated it. A head taller and pounds heavier than her fellow students, she felt uncoordinated and out of place. But she started to dance socially in high school, and loved it. When she moved to New York City in the '80s, "aerobics" were the latest thing, and she was recruited to teach classes. Besides Manhattan, she's taught in Cambridge, MA; Key West, FL; and Ann Arbor.  


Nan discovered SHiNE Dance Fitness just months after it went online in 2015. Bonding with Kendall and the online community over her 3-game Jeopardy! winning streak, she's chosen SHiNE as her essential fitness program ever since. "SHiNE offers so much more than a great workout," says Nan. "There's so much positive reinforcement that we are all enough. Having dealt with body dysmorphia pretty much my entire life, SHiNE has been an essential part in learning to love my body as is and to love moving my way." During the pandemic in 2020, she decided to certify as an instructor as an early birthday present before her 60th birthday the next year, so she could share SHiNE with others.  


Nan is a writer (you may have seen her work in Edible WOW magazine) and is currently working on a memoir about her life in 80s New York City. Her favorite SHiNE routine is Salute by Little Mix; when she YouTubed it back in 2015, it led her to SHiNE.

Aimee Strong

Aimee grew up in Idaho, active in sports such as basketball, boxing, and running, and enjoying workouts such as HIIT, bootcamp, and more. After moving to Michigan in the 90s, she and her husband––both world-travelers––found their homes around the globe in Brazil and in China, and eventually returned to the Ann Arbor area in 2019. Aimee was introduced to SHiNE by a good friend, and after her first class, she knew she was hooked!


For Aimee, SHiNE incorporates many aspects of the other workouts she loves in an inclusive and uplifting environment, with the bonus of dance. She is so excited to be a certified SHiNE Dance Fitness instructor as of 2022. 

Having moved to South Lyon in Spring 2023, Aimee dances with us as often as she can and she continues to substitute for Michelle, Lisa, and Nan when needed. Keep an eye on the schedule to catch her classes!


In her spare time, Aimee enjoys playing the piano, reading, and traveling. She has an amazing husband and three fabulous sons.

Her favorite SHiNE routine is Throw It Back by Missy Elliot

Coming soon!

And ANOTHER coming soon!

"Shine bright, like a diamond." - Rihanna

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